Tool for grouping pupil feedback

"Please take time to check your work for full stops and capital letters."

I've devised a printable feedback card for pupils to stick in their book, ideal for those occasions where you find yourself writing the same comment over and over again.

Copy the Google Sheet here. | Paste the published CSV here

Creating the feedback cards
  1. First input pupil names in the Google Sheet.

  2. Then insert different feedback statements. If you wish to phrase the feedback in slightly different ways, add alternate phrasing in the 'alt' columns.

  3. Place the feedback code against the pupil names. This will randomly assign the corresponding feedback alternatives from that row.

  4. Optionally add a personal comment unique to that pupil, a code to indicate independence and decide if you want a space for a pupil response.

  5. Finally, publish Google Sheet to web, select CSV option then paste into the feedback tool here

If you find this useful, you may also like my pupil assessment checklist creator.

A note about the code

This tool was made on the back of my digital backpack project and uses some of the same processes mentioned in my previous post - i.e. turning a Google Sheet into JSON with PHP then looping through the data using ng-repeat of AngularJS.

However, I try to do at least one new thing each project and this time this meant mastering the problem of putting natural page breaks in the long page of feedback cards. I thought this might prove to be a challenge, but, in the end, a quick solution was found after the briefest of searches on Stackoverflow. A simple CSS rule applied to all <div>s ensures feedback cards never span two printed pages:

@media print  {
        page-break-inside: avoid;