A passage to OCR: from a photo to editable text in seconds

Often it is useful to place an extract from a book into a worksheet or presentation. This usually means searching for it online and hoping someone has already done it, perfoming some kind of Kindle screenshot to optical character recognition software gymnastics, or, least preferably, typing the thing up yourself.

I recently came across the following gem of a method.

Within Google Drive, users are able to simply right-click on an image and open with Google Docs then after a few moments editable text is presented along side the image itself.

Quick, easy and accurate

Google's method is much more efficient than other OCR software I have used. It's easier, quicker and more accurate, especially when used in combination with Google Photos auto-upload feature:

  1. Take the photo
  2. Find the image in Google Photos
  3. Open with Google Docs

The Google Photos App is built into Android devices and for iOS devices can be found here.